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Received certificates

Outflowless tanks made of polyester-glass laminate of the "MATTERNA" system have:

– Technical Approval ITB AT-15-7349/2007 issued by the Building Research Institute
– Technical Approval ITB AT015-7349/2012 issued by the Building Research Institute
– Quality Certificate issued by the Poznań University of Technology.
– Testing of Materna tanks regarding the characteristics of the polyester-glass laminate 02/25/PRJG/4482
– Laboratory Test of the Institute of Building Technology NW-0567/A/07
– Hygienic Certificate PZH HK/W/0854/01/2012
– Certificate of Integrity No. 715301090
– National Technical Assessment ITB-KOT-2018/0530
– Research of the Poznań University of Technology 02/25/PRJG/448
– Hygienic Certificate PZH B-BK-60210-1313/20

EKO-DAR tanks have the necessary certificates from the regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure and Construction of October 17, 2016. (CAT. Journal of Laws of 2016) by ITB.

Eko - Dar

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