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Tractor roofs

New roofs for the Czech cabin, new type on profile, old Czech tubular roof, osin, orzezek, ursus 30,40,60, sokółka
The roofs do not have any metal elements, the assembly fittings are made by ourselves, the material from which the roofs are made is a 105TB structural polyester glass laminate, very resistant to mechanical damage, the outer layer is covered with white gelcoat, UV-resistant, white scratches.

1. Dimensions of the roof of the Czech cabin: 142.5cm x 108cm on the outside
2. Dimensions of the Ursus Osiny cabin roof, square profile: 129cm x 129cm
3. Dimensions of the Ursus cabin roof, old type peanut: 133cm x 120cm
4. Roof dimensions, cabin C 330, C40, C360, outside, center, length 134cmx136.5cm, width, front 100cm, rear 136.5cm
42/40-204/0, 42402040 C-330 42/40-204/0 42402040 42402240 BODY AND CAB Tractor | Ursus C-330, C-330M, C32842402040 1106220129701
5. Roof for the Czech cabin, old type, 144.5cmx124cm

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