Eko - Dar

Assembly and delivery


The EKO-DAR company has suitably adapted trucks, delivery vehicles and trailers for transporting its products (tanks). This ensures that the company delivers each tank intact to the construction site, as well as control over loading and unloading by a specialized EKO-DAR employee. We deliver throughout Poland.


Using many years of experience in the tank industry with a wide range of applications, we are able to advise you on innovative solutions in the construction of tanks for rainwater, septic tanks, slurry, whey, liquid RSM fertilizers, brine (brine graduation towers), Ad-blue, tanks 1,2,3,4 chamber, fire protection, retention tanks and ground tanks, horizontal and vertical silos. We provide installation services of tanks into batteries, which allows for unlimited capacity, home sewage treatment plants, and rainwater tank systems.

Eko - Dar

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