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Household Sewage Treatment Plant

Households are increasingly using very cost-effective, ecological solutions for obtaining energy (thanks to installations that collect solar energy or use the forces of nature). More and more people are also noticing the profitability of installing a home sewage treatment plant, which allows for the neutralization of sewage produced by our properties and buildings.

In addition to ecological benefits (we do not pollute the environment), a home sewage treatment plant also allows you to save money and is an interesting alternative to septic tanks. In our installations, we use a safe infiltration system that removes soil-safe, processed waste for further neutralization. Installing a home sewage treatment plant is relatively simple and quick. In fact, all that is required is an appropriate ground surface, where the waste disposal site should be separated from the aquifer by a 1.5-meter layer of earth in order to prevent possible contamination.

The tanks we offer have all the necessary certificates, technical approvals and certificates proving quality. Moreover, they have been comprehensively laboratory tested at the Building Research Institute. Thanks to modern technological solutions, they are fully tight and do not pose a threat to people or the natural environment – the entire process of home sewage treatment is carried out ecologically, without harm to the environment.

The home sewage treatment plants we offer have sizes of 2,560, 3,920 and 5,280 liters and are sufficient to process waste for a maximum of (depending on the size) 5, 9 and 15 people. They can consist of two or three chambers and have an additional filter basket (in the largest version). Choose ecology and modern solutions provided by our company. We undertake the production of safe septic tanks and their installation throughout Poland. If you have any doubts about choosing the optimal solution, please contact our professional team by phone or e-mail.

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